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Michito Sanchez (USA)


Jamie Borden pins down one of busiest percussionists on the planet. Drum Magazine

Michito’s musical past and present.

Michito Sanchez will never forget the day he was called to play percussion in sessions with both Crosby, Stills & Nash and Elton John. Naturally all days cannot be as auspicious, but one such as that is an indication of the caliber of musicianship Sanchez has become known for. There have been countless musical highlights — the Rolling Stones, Don Was, Bruce Hornsby, Robert Palmer, Herbie Hancock, Placido Domingo, Luis Miguel, Glenn Frey and an endless list of sessions, videos and live performances in every genre of music.

Such success was the dream for the kid growing up in New Jersey. While the family jam sessions during the snowy nights were rough around the edges, music seeped into the blood of this boy. As a first generation born American of Cuban parentage, bongos were a constant fixture in the Sanchez household and between those and the pots and pans, the youngster was able to cut his early musical teeth. Then after attending some bata and rumba jam sessions, Michito was hooked…

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