Czech Jazz WorkShop Prague 2013

Student's comments:


is an intensive week-long summer jazz course, organized by Czech Jazz Society.

During the 20yr history, world known jazz personalities and musicians took part in the workshop, such as: Jeff Ballard, Gavin Skegs, Melanie Scholtz, Aga Zaryan, Hod O´Brien, Joel Frahm, Steve Haines, Piotr Baron, Piotr Wojtasik, Marcin Jahr, Pavel Wlosok, Osian Roberts, Marta Topferová, Brian Charrete, Phil Wilkinson, Ana Cisneros, Filip Gondolán, Paul Boolenback, Frank Mc Comb, Ondřej Pivec and many others.

During the workshop, the participants will improve in playing their instrument, group playing and also Jazz music theory. The workshop participants can play every night at the much-favored jam sessions. The whole week will climax in a final concert with all participants. Gospel choir will perform in Prague's premiere churches.

We have been working on the Czech Jazz Workshop 2018 program now! Stay tuned for details!


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